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We wanted an urn that was different from the classic vase-shaped designs, that was inspired by Nature and that symbolized a stage in the cycle of life because, in Nature, after winter that is associated with death, spring brings rebirth. Moreover, the names are chosen in this natural and cyclical spirit.

Even if our intention is to evoke a seed that splits to let out the germ that will give a new plant, one can see other things and it is the magic of design that allows everyone their own interpretation.

Fine versions

Refined grains, these shells reflect light in a satiny shine.

Raw versions

Three more textured versions, both visually and to the touch. Three contrasting colors.

Biodegradable stained finish in several shades

Life and Nature are cyclical: we have therefore chosen to symbolize this permanent movement through pigments added to the raw material (with a linseed oil protection) in colors reminiscent of the seasons or the alternation of day and night with the moon in between.

Combinations are possible to celebrate the colours of a club, a place, a coat of arms or simply personal taste (examples below).