Technical features



Conforms to the dimensions for Friedwald® funerary forests.

Compatible with all capsules and ash collection bags (it is not foreseen to pour ashes directly into the urn).

Useable for sea and lake burials (check your local regulation) with a provided watersoluble ashbag.


Organic matter with an estimated earth degradation time of less than two years (OK Bio Soil type tests from TüV Austria in progress). In case of water burial, the urn will dilute in less than 3 hours.


We have created a descent support on which it is possible to write farewell words or draw/paint. An alternate design “harness” type (belt + ropes) is also available as option
These supports are also fully biodegradable.


Urn and descent support are easily assembled according to this plan:

Preparing for exhibition and dismounting (3 times maximum)
Preparing for a ceremony

Recommendations for use

Our urns receive a water-repellent treatment based on linseed oil. However, it is best to avoid exposing them to rain, snow or extreme heat during the ceremony.

Sea and Lake Burials

Althanat® urns can be used for sea and lake burials. A watersoluble ashbag is provided. The urn will float for between 10 seconds and two minutes before sinking depending onthe ballast and will completely dilute in water in about 1 hour.


In the event of accidental breakage, it is generally possible to glue the pieces back together using fish glue or nerve glue, which are biodegradable.

For more information, please contact us.